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Ash Sheikh Mufthi Yoosuf Haniffa

Ash Sheikh Mufthi YoosufAsh Sheikh Mufthi Mohamed Haniffa Mohamed Yoosuf is a prominent and respected Islamic scholar in Sri Lanka. Since of late Mufthi Yoosuf's name has been very popular amongh the house holds in Sri Lanka, for his inspiring series of lectures via various modes, inclduing some lectures via Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and live streaming.

Mufti Yoosuf completed his primary education at Al-Mannar Central College, Handessa, Kandy, Sri Lanka.  He completed his initial alim course at Rahmaniya Arabic College (1981), Akurana, and Thabligul Islam Arabic College (1983), Sammanthurai,Sri Lanka where he completed  his higher studies in Sharia at Rahmaniya Arabic College, Akurana in 1989.

Thereafter, he entered the Islamic University of Karachi, Pakistan where he completed his higher studies with a specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Financing (1990-1993).

Upon his return to Sri Lanka in 1993, Mufti Yoosuf played an active role in local community work and currently serves in the following capacities.

More information about Mufti Yoosuf is available in his personal website

Click here to access Yoosuf Mufthi's collection of lectures

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