Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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English Lectures

English Lectures ( 109 Files )

This section contains lectures conducted in English by various scholars.

By Scholar

By Scholar ( 2892 Files )

This section categorises the lectures by respective Alim.

Jummah Quthbas

Jummah Quthbas ( 3294 Files )

This section lists available Jummah Bayans by various Ulema conducted at various masjids from various locations around the country.


Programmes ( 1579 Files )

This category lists all the programmes such as Monthly lecture programmes, special programmes, Hajj porgrammes, etc.

Thafseer Lessons

Thafseer Lessons ( 391 Files )

Thafseer Lessons by various Ulema


Other ( 19 Files )

Other lectures, Ladies' programmes, special Duas, etc.

Lecture Tours by Overseas Scholars

Lecture Tours by Overseas Scholars ( 92 Files )

Special lecture tours by some prominent overseas scholars

Useful Downloads

Useful Downloads ( 35 Files )

Various other useful downloads.

Hajj Downloads

Hajj Downloads ( 8 Files )

You may find useful Hajj related downloads in this section
Presentations (Islamic)

Presentations (Islamic) ( 19 Files )

This section contains various valuable Islamic Presentations.

Miscellaneous ( 8 Files )

This section contains some useful documents for downloading mostly in PDF, Word, EXCEL. Perpetual Prayer Timetable for Sri Lanka, useful Booklets, etc. are currently available for downloading. 

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