Friday, August 22, 2014
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  • The more evils will open up before them
    The more evils will open up before them
    "The more people increase in comfort and luxury and the more they open up before the people , the more evils will open up before them. It is comfort and luxury that destroys a person. Because if a person was to concern himself with comfort and luxury and providing enjoyment to his body, he will become negligent of providing enjoyment to his heart, and his greatest worry will become providing enjoyment to this body that is doomed to become worms and rotten.

    This is the ordeal, and this is what has harmed people today. You can hardly find anyone except that they say: "What is our palace? What is our car? What is our furniture? What is our food?" Even those who study knowledge, some of them only study in order to gain rank or status to reach the blessings of the Dunya. As if man was...
  • Video: Protest over Gaza attack
    TUESDAY, 19 AUGUST 2014 18:29

    State sector trade unions staged a protest outside the Fort Railway Station over Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. They handed over a letter to the Presidential Secretariat. Pix by Pradeep Pathirana
  • Video: BBS raps Mervyn
    TUESDAY, 19 AUGUST 2014 16:48 Minister Mervyn Silva should correct himself first before making allegations against others, the General Secretary of Bodu Bala Sena Ven. Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thera said today.
    “We would like to invite Minister Silva to set himself right and then to correct his son instead of accusing others,” the Thera told a news conference as a response to a question posed by media.

    Earlier, during a meeting with the Mahanayakes Minister Silva had criticised the language used by BBS monks in the recent past. The Thera...
  • Letter to IGP on the ​Meeting Organized by SSP, Mt. Lavinia - In SINHALA
      ​​ ​2014 අගෝස්තු 14 එන්. කේ. ඉලංගකෝන් මහතා පොලිස්පති පොලිස් මූලස්ථානය, කොළඹ ගරු පොලිස්පතිතුමනි,
    ​​​2014 අගොස්තු 4 වැනි දින​ ​ගල්කිස්ස ජ්‍යෙෂ්ඨ පොලිස් අධිකාරිවරයා විසින් දෙහිවල ජයසිංහ ශාලාවේ සංවිධානය කරන ලද රැස්වීම පිළිබඳවයි
      ​ මුස්ලිම්වරුන් හා ඔවුන්ගේ ආගමික වතාවත් සහ අගමික ස්ථාන, ඔවුන්ගේ සංස්කෘතික චර්යා...
  • Letter to IGP on the ​Meeting Organized by SSP, Mt. Lavinia _ In TAMIL
    ​​ ​ ​ 2014 ஆகஸ்ட் 14 என்.கே. இலங்ககோன் அவர்கள் பொலிஸ் மா அதிபர் பொலிஸ் தலைமையகம் கொழும்பு அன்பின் பொலிஸ் மா அதிபர் அவர்களுக்கு 2014 ஆகஸ்ட் 04ஆம் திகதி கல்கிசை ஜயசிங்க மண்டபத்தில் சிரேஷ்ட பொலிஸ் அத்தியட்சகர் அவர்களால் ஒழுங்குசெய்யப்பட்ட கூட்டம் 2014 ஆகஸ்ட் 04ஆம் திகதி சுமார் 150 பேர் தெஹிவளை எஸ்.டி.எஸ். ஜயசிங்க...
  • ඥාණසාර හිමිට ෆේස් ටු ෆේස් එන්නැයි රදගුරු රායප්පු ජෝෂප් අභියෝග කරයි..
    August 18, 2014 at 10:47 am | lanka C news     තමන් අත්අඩංගුවට ගන්නා ලෙස ඉල්ලා සිටින බොදුබල සේනාව විසින් මුස්ලිම් සහ දෙමළ ජනතාව වෙත ප්‍රචණ්ඩත්වය මුදාහරිමින් සිටින බව මන්නාරම රදගුරු රායප්පු ජෝශප් පවසයි. මාධ්‍ය වෙත අදහස් පල කරමින් රදගුරුතුමන් මෙසේද අදහස් දක්වා තිබේ. ‘රට සහ හමුදාව මා පාවාදුන්නේ කාටද යන්න සම්බන්ධයෙන් බොදු බල සේනා සංවිධානයේ නියෝජිතයින්...
  • Leave no room for extremists, Mahanayake tells Cader
    August 17, 2014, 10:19 pm

    By Cyril Wimalasurendre
    Mahanayake of Asgiriya
    KANDY – Some extremist groups might try to create incidents but they should not be allowed to...
  • Letter to IGP on the ​Meeting Organized by SSP, Mt. Lavinia
    ​​14thAugust 2014 N K IlangakoonEsqr.,
    Inspector General of Police,
    Police Headquarters, 
    Dear IG Police   ​​ Meeting Organized by SSP, Mt. Lavinia at Jayasinghe Hall, Dehiwala  on 04th August 2014
    The National Shoora (Consultative) Council (NSC) understands that a gathering of about 150 persons had met at the S de S Jayasinghe Hall in Dehiwala on 04th August 2014, where matters relating only to Muslims, the dress code of Muslim women, Muslim religious and cultural practices, Mosques etc. had been made the subject of undue criticism and ridicule in public.
    According to information shared with the NSC, over 75 respected Buddhist...
  • The Delight of Selflessness
    By Abu Muhammad Yusuf Sacrifice is part of nature. The excruciating pain a mother endures patiently at childbirth, the years a teacher spends in educating children, the medical personal who attend to accident scenes in the dead of night, the police who patrol the streets during odd times and extreme weather, the Mujahideen who protect the borders of Islam, the patience of innocent civilians under oppressive regimes are just but a few examples of sacrifices for humanity. “Great achievements and happiness is the born out of sacrifice and not out of selfishness” Sacrifice may vary in degree and form. Sometimes it may be little and at times it may be immense. It could mean surrendering some of our wealth, time or even health for the benefit of others. Sacrifice is an important part in our contribution to society. “Sacrifice...
  • උතුරේ ජනතාව කෝපයෙන්.. බො.බ.සේ. නිසා රජයට දරුණු විපාක විඳින්න වෙනවා
    August 14, 2014 at 12:59 pm | lanka C news බොදු බල සේනාව නිසා ඉදිරියේදී රජයට බරපතල ප්‍රතිවිපාකවලට  මුහුණදීමට සිදුවනු ඇති බව දෙමළ ජාතික සන්ධානය පවසයි. එම පක්‍ෂ පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රී සෙල්වම් අඩෙයික්කලනාදන් මහතා විසින් නිකුත් කර ඇති නිවේදනයක මේ බව දැක්වේ. එම නිවේදනය මෙසේය. දෙමළ කථා කරන ජනතාවට එරෙහි කටයුතු වල නිරත වන සංවිධානයක් වන බොදු බල සේනා යන ජාතිවාදී...
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Gaza Crisis

  • Israel strikes Gaza targets after rocket fire
    Israel hits "terrorism targets" in Gaza and ends truce talks after three rockets land in Israel, violating ceasefire.   More than 2,000 people have been killed in the latest Gaza war [Reuters] Israel has launched air strikes on "terrorism targets" in Gaza and recalled negotiators from Cairo after three rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, as efforts to agree a permanent ceasefire appeared to unravel. The Israeli military said that rockets landed in open areas near the town of Beersheeva. Sources told Al Jazeera that they were fired from nearby Shujayea. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, ordered his army to attack targets in Gaza, and recalled from Cairo negotiators who were involved in indirect talks with Palestinians on a permanent ceasefire. "In response to Hamas's violation of the truce, the prime minister and defence minister have ordered the IDF...
  • Palestinians and Israel agree Gaza ceasefire
    Israeli officials have agreed to a deal negotiated by Palestinians in Cairo for a new 72-hour ceasefire in Gaza following mediation by Egypt. Egypt said it had received "simultaneous consensus" from both sides for the truce which will begin at 21:00 GMT on Sunday. Israel will send negotiators to the Egyptian capital on Monday if the truce holds. The Egyptian foreign ministry called for the immediate ceasefire "given the necessity to protect innocent blood." It called on both sides to use the lull to "reach a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire." A previous 72-hour ceasefire brokered by Cairo ended on Friday morning, with the conflict resuming between Israel and Hamas, who run the Gaza Strip. Israel withdrew from truce negotiations in Cairo on Friday, soon after the previous ceasefire ended in a firestorm of violence. As of Sunday afternoon, the death toll in Gaza had reached 1,939. According to the UN, about 73 percent of the people killed were civilians. A total of 64...
  • Hamas says no Gaza truce extension agreed
    Israel reportedly offers unconditional ceasefire renewal but Hamas says no deal can be reached unless demands met. A leader of the Palestinian group Hamas has said there will not be a renewal of the Gaza ceasefire that ends on Friday unless Israel meets some of its demands. Ismael Radwan told Al Jazeera: “The truce will not be renewed; it cannot be renewed without real achievements. As we speak, no response has been received to Hamas’s demands, which means there is no breakthrough in this respect.” A 72-hour deal brokered by Egypt took effect on Tuesday, bringing relief to residents in the Gaza Strip after four weeks of fighting and heavy bombardment. Israeli media has reported that Israel was offering to extend the ceasefire for another 72 hours unconditionally. Al Jazeera's Nicole Johnston, reporting from Jerusalem, said there were also reports in Egyptian media that the truce could be extended but few details were coming out of Cairo on any progress made with...
  • Netanyahu: Israel will 'continue to act in full scale' against Hamas
    By Laura Smith-Spark, Mariano Castillo and Salma Abdelaziz, CNN August 2, 2014 -- Updated 1944 GMT (0344 HKT) Gaza City (CNN) -- The bloodshed in Gaza showed no sign of letting up Saturday, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing to "continue to act in full scale" against Hamas until all militant tunnels are destroyed. In the past day, 50 Palestinians have breen reported killed amid renewed Israeli shelling that followed accusations that Palestinian militants captured an Israeli soldier. The fate of the soldier, identified by the Israel Defense Forces as 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin, remains unclear. Netanyahu told reporters in Tel Aviv Saturday that Israeli troops "managed to hurt severely" the capability of Hamas during the Gaza operation. "Israel will do everything to bring our kidnapped soldier home," he said, offering his condolences to the families of Israeli soldiers killed during the incursion. Netanyahu said Israeli forces will "continue to act in full scale"...
  • Palestinian youths 'executed' in Gaza town
    Witnesses tell Al Jazeera six youths were taken to a bathroom in a house in Khuzaa and executed by Israeli forces.     Israel and Palestinian groups are blaming each other for violating a 72-hour truce that broke down just hours after coming into effect on Friday. An Al Jazeera team arrived at Khuzaa in Khan Younis to find people retrieving decomposing bodies from homes. Witnesses said six youths had been taken to a house and executed by Israeli forces. The bodies were left there for several days. One man said: "It is a mass execution of six Palestinian youths who were brought to this bathroom. Look at the gunshots on the wall." Source: Al Jazeera
  • In Pictures: Gaza Devastation
    Displaced Palestinians across the Gaza Strip took advantage of a brief ceasefire on Friday to inspect their homes. But the lull in fighting was short-lived - within two hours, the truce collapsed with Israel and Hamas blaming each other for violating the agreement. Thousands of buildings have been damaged since Israel began bombardment of the besieged territory on July 8. Mosques, hospitals, residential buildings and schools have been targeted.
    View As Slideshow >> /AP Photo/Khalil Hamra Residents returned to Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis, during the truce on Friday.

    /AP Photo/Khalil Hamra Khuzaa has been heavily bombarded during Israel's offensive.

    /MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty Images Thousands of buildings have been damaged in the Israeli offensive.

    /MARCO LONGARI/AFP/Getty Images Palestinians salvage...
  • Palestinians struggle to 'dig out bodies'
    Dozens of dead bodies remain under the rubble in Rafah, as Israel's assault on southern Gaza kills scores of civilians. Last updated: 02 Aug 2014 12:32 Rafah, Gaza Strip - Under continued Israeli air strikes and artillery fire, Issa Akel has no other choice: The 50-year-old bulldozer driver must stop unearthing the dead bodies buried beneath the rubble in this southern Gaza town and seek safety for himself. In Hay al-Junina, east of Rafah, Akel went on a mission to rescue the dead, but he soon realised that his life was in danger. On Saturday, the town's roads were littered with dead bodies, left bleeding for hours without any ambulance crew arriving to rescue them. ...
  • Israeli PM vows to keep up Gaza operation
    Netanyahu says Israel will keep up its Gaza military campaign for as long as needed and with as much force as necessary.   Israel is prepared to continue fighting Hamas in the Gaza Strip after the army completes its primary mission of destroying cross-border tunnels from the Palestinian territory, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared. In a press conference in Tel Aviv on Saturday, Netanyahu said the Israeli army "will act and continue to act" according to the country's security needs, adding that Hamas will pay "intolerable price" should there be more attacks. He also vowed to find the missing Israeli soldier 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin, saying "it does not matter how much time" is needed. "Israel will continue to make every effort to bring its missing sons home," he pledged in remarks made just after the missing soldier's mother made an appeal demanding there be no troop withdrawal...
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