Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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HNB partners Adl Capital for Islamic banking solutions

Hatton National Bank PLC became the newest entrant to the growing domestic market of Islamic banking with the launch early last week of the bank’s dedicated and branded Islamic Banking Unit – HNB – Al Najah. The unit will operate under the overall ambit of HNB and will offer a broad spectrum of Shariah compliant products and services to its entire clientele.


Reply to Dr Ameer Ali’s biased criticism of Islamism in Srilanka.

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The primary purpose of this short review of Dr Ameer Ali’s subjective article (titled POINT OF VIEW: An aggressive brand of state religion vs. others) in Lakbima News paper (20/05/12) - which was also republished here - is to clarify some misperceptions about basic teaching of Islam. It is unfortunate today that many Muslim and Non-Muslim academics with their western educational training write about Islam and Muslim communities subjectively without proper Islamic educational background and trainings. These so called academics in Muslim names have learned about Islamic teachings and doctrines through the writings of western anti-Islamic scholarship. Consequently, these people’s writings and mentality reflect bias western prejudice against pure Islamic teachings and spiritual development of Muslim community. These people see Islam and its teaching through mere materialistic and secularist perception and consequently Islamic revivalism and activism is seen as a threat for their materialistic philosophy of life.


Shariah banking growing rapidly

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Many non-Muslims like knowing they are not investing in alcohol, tobacco or porn. More than 100000 South Africans make use of the shariah-compliant banking products of local banks.

Eric Enslin, head of client engagement at FNB Wealth, said the shariah customer base is not exclusively Muslim.

Enslin said shariah banking is consistent with the principles of Islamic rulings and their practical application through the development of Islamic economics. Shariah prohibits the payment or acceptance of interest charges (riba) for the lending and accepting of money, as well as trade and other activities that provide goods or services considered contrary to its principles.


Seerathul Rasool

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பொது ஷூறா கவுன்ஸிலை உருவாக்குவதற்கு முஸ்லிம் அமைப்புக்கள் ஒன்றுபடுகின்றன

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- லதீப் பாரூக்

கடந்த இரண்டாம் திகதி முதன் முறையாக முஸ்லிம் அமைப்புக்கள் தமது வேற்றுமைகளை மறந்து, இடைக் கால ஆலோசனை 3சபையொன்றை அமைப்பதற்கான அறிவித்தலை விடுப்பதற்காக வெள்ளவத்தை மியாமி வரவேற்பு மண்டபத்தில் சந்தித்துக் கொண்டன. முஸ்லிம் சமூகம் எதிர்நோக்கி வருகின்ற பிரதான சவால்களை எதிர் கொள்வதோடு, தேசத்தைக் கட்டியெழுப்புவதில் காத்திரமானதொரு பாத்திரத்தை வகிப்பதும் இச்சபையின் நோக்கமாகும்.


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