Monday, August 03, 2020
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Ash Sheikh Magdoom Mubarak

Ash Sheikh Magdoom Mubarak is a prominent Islamic scholar in Sri Lanka, well known for his insightful and thought-provoking talks on Islam. Born to a devout Muslim family in the village of Malwana a picturesque town with a substantial Muslim population in Central Sri Lanka, Sheikh Mubarak was inspired in his young days by his father Magdhoom Alim who served as a religious teacher in Madhrasa al- Mustafaviyya, Malwana, and later by his teachers such as P.T.M Ibrahim (Azhari) in Madhrasa Maktabul Uloom in Malwana. He pursued his secondary Islamic studies at Ghaffooriya Arabic College, Maharagama, which he completed in 1970 before choosing to start life as a teacher.

As fate would have it, the young Mubarak while teaching at two state-run schools Darussalam Muslim Vidyalaya (today Al Azhar Central College) in Thihariya and Gal-oluwa Muslim Vidyalaya in Minuwangoda was given the opportunity by the Grace of Almighty Allah to pursue his higher studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1973 through a scholarship and completed his Graduate Studies at the Islamic University in Madina in 1978. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Shari’ah from Al-Madina Islamic University in Saudi Arabia.


Ash Sheikh Mufthi Rizwe

Mufti Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Rizwe, a renowned scholar from Sri Lanka, not only known locally but widely acclaimed in India and has traveled worldwide on various educational and religious missions to bring together Muslims and other religious communities to a common platform to serve the humanity. In respect to his educational background, Mufti Rizwe completed his primary education at Kingswood College, Kandy, Sri Lanka. During his school days, he excelled in various sports including Hockey, Soccer, Rugby and Karate. Thereafter, he pursued his higher studies at Jamiyathul Uloomil Islamia, Binnoori town, Karachi, which is an affiliate of the Higher Education Commission in Karachi, where he completed his Al Alimiyya Course and double Masters in Islamia and also in Arabic.

As a specialization program, he also pursued on the Islamic Jurisprudence (Al Takhasus Fiqh Al Islamia) and completed it successfully and become a specialist in the subject of Fiqh. Spent a year with a team under the leadership of Moulana Ilyas (Barabangi) in Delhi Research and writing commentary on ‘The Hayathus Sahaba’ (The Lives of the Sahaba) written by Moulana Yusuf Kandhalawi.


Ash Sheikh Mufthi Yoosuf Haniffa

Ash Sheikh Mufthi YoosufAsh Sheikh Mufthi Mohamed Haniffa Mohamed Yoosuf is a prominent and respected Islamic scholar in Sri Lanka. Since of late Mufthi Yoosuf's name has been very popular amongh the house holds in Sri Lanka, for his inspiring series of lectures via various modes, inclduing some lectures via Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and live streaming.

Mufti Yoosuf completed his primary education at Al-Mannar Central College, Handessa, Kandy, Sri Lanka.  He completed his initial alim course at Rahmaniya Arabic College (1981), Akurana, and Thabligul Islam Arabic College (1983), Sammanthurai,Sri Lanka where he completed  his higher studies in Sharia at Rahmaniya Arabic College, Akurana in 1989.


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