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  • Democracy Threatened: Impunity, Political Patronage & Rollback Of Devolution
    By S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole – R. Sasilan: Assistant Commissioner of Elections Today we are opening new living quarters for our Election Commission’s man-in-charge in Batticaloa. I am so glad because R. Sasilan is a man I am proud of. He stands up for what is right without fear or favor. When a minister distributed gifts in elections some years ago, he confiscated a gift pack and filed a complaint with the police. The police, as often happens, disappeared the evidence. Sasilan sent a report to the Commission and that too disappeared....
  • Coronavirus funerals: Sri Lanka's Muslims decry forced cremation
      Image copyrightEPA Image captionSri Lankan Muslim women wait for a Covid-19 test. Some in the community are fighting cremation rules Sri Lankan authorities are insisting on cremation for coronavirus victims - a practice forbidden by Islam. The nation's minority Muslim community says they are using the pandemic to discriminate, writes BBC Sinhala's Saroj Pathirana. On 4 May, Fathima Rinoza, a 44-year-old mother of three from Sri Lanka's minority Muslim population, was admitted to hospital with a suspected case of Covid-19. Fathima, who lived in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, had been suffering from respiratory problems and the authorities feared she had caught the virus. On the day she was admitted to hospital, the family was "set upon" by the authorities, her husband Mohamed Shafeek said. "The police and military along with...
  • ජිනීවා මානව හිමිකම් කවුන්සිලයේදී රටවල් 5කින් ලංකාවට චෝදනා
    පාස්කු ප්‍රහාර සම්බන්ධයෙන් සැකපිට අත්අඩංගුවට ගෙන සිටින නීතිඥ හිජාස් හිස්බුල්ලා රඳවා තබාගැනීම, විශේෂ බළකායේ සැරයන් සුනිල් රත්නායකට ජනාධිපති සමාව ලබාදීම ඇතුළු කරුණු ගණනාවක් පදනම් කරගනිමින් එක්සත් රාජධානිය ඇතුළු රටවල් 5ක කණ්ඩායමක් එක්සත් ජාතීන්ගේ මානව හිමිකම් කවුන්සිලයේදී ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට චෝදනා එල්ල කර ඇතැයි ජිනීවා තානාපති...
  • මුස්ලිම් නීතිඥයාට එරෙහිව 'ත්‍රස්ත සාක්කි' ගෙතූ රහස් පොලිසියට විනිසුරු විරෝධය

      පාස්කු බෝම්බ ප්‍රහාරයට සම්බන්ධ යැයි ජනමාධ්‍ය මගින් ප්‍රචාරය කරමින් ත්‍රස්තවාදය වැළැක්වීමේ පනත යටතේ අත්අඩංගුවට ගනු ලැබු මුස්ලිම් ජාතික නීතිඥවරයකුට එරෙහිව ව්‍යාජ සාක්ෂි ගෙතීමට රහස් පොලිසිය විසින් දරණ ලද උත්සාහයක් විනිසුරුවරයකුගේ මැදිහත්වීම නිසා ව්‍යර්ථ වී තිබේ.

    නීතිඥ හිජාස් ඕමර් හිස්බුල්ලාහ් රඳවා...
  • Gnanasara Thero Once Again Inciting Sinhalese Against Muslims
    Malicious campaign pushing discriminated and frustrated Muslims to wall Few weeks ago Ven Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thero, known for inciting Sinhalese and unleashing violence against Muslims, said he would dissolve his organisation Bodu Bala Sena as it has achieved its target of setting up a Sinhala Buddhist government without minority support. Latheef Farook Following the election of the present government to power on 15 November 2019, he was rather quiet. Now that the parliamentary election is forthcoming, he has started his campaign once again pitting the Sinhalese against Muslims.There were reports that during the presidential elections in November 2019 Buddhist monks and temples were used to demonize Muslims to win Sinhala votes assuring security. As part of this campaign to win Sinhala votes, he attempted to brand as extremist, several...
  • Hejaaz: A lawyer for all seasons

    A year has passed since the deadly Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka. Victims, survivors, and the general public still await answers. Amidst these desperate demands for accountability, Hejaaz Hizbullah, a prominent Muslim lawyer, is suddenly – and most unexpectedly – arrested and detained.

    I met Hejaaz during the first-ever debating tournament I participated in. He led the team from S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, and I represented St. Joseph’s College, Colombo. Our teams made it to the finals that year. I recall Hejaaz as a fierce competitor with the rare gift for conveying an argument with charisma and conviction. He also had a great sense of humour, taking friendly banter in good spirit. The Thomians triumphed that year, and deservedly so.

    What strikes me now is...
  • Muslim writer in jail for 60 days without "explicit evidence"
    A group of activists in Sri Lanka has called upon the government for the unconditional release of a Muslim writer who has been held in detention for more than
    sixty days without “explicit evidence being produced”.

    In a letter to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim activists say that Ramzy Razeek arrested on April 09 for allegedly violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and Cyber Crimes Legislation has also been denied medical treatment and legal access in detention.

    “Despite orders from the Magistrate to allow him access to medicine, reliable sources state that his health condition is deteriorating due to lack of access to specific medicines of which he is in dire need. A lawyer attempting to visit Razeek this week, was also denied...
  • அடையாள அணிவகுப்புக்கு முன் ஹிஜாஸின் அடையாளத்தைக் காட்ட சிஐடியினர் முயற்சித்தார்கள்
    இரு சிறுவர்களிடமிருந்தும் வாக்குமூலம் பெறுவதற்கு முன்னர் சிஐடியினர் தனது அறையில் வைத்து ஹிஜாஸ் ஹிஸ்புல்லாஹ்வின் புகைப்படத்தை அவர்களுக்குக் காண்பிப்பதற்கு முயற்சித்தார்கள் என கோட்டை நீதவான் ரங்க திசாநாயக்க தெரிவித்துள்ளார்.

    புத்தளம் மத்ரஸாவொன்றின் மாணவர்களுக்கு தீவிரவாதத்தைப் போதித்தார் என சிஐடியினர்...
  • CID attempted to show photograph of Hejaaz to children before ID parade: Fort Magistrate
    Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayaka said in open court that officers of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had attempted to show photographs of Hejaaz Hizbullah at his chambers prior to the recording of statements from two children.

    When the matter was taken up before Dissanayake on 24 June, he told Hizbullah’s lawyers that prior to the recording of the statements from the two children, this attempt had been made: “I want to reveal this. The CID officers tried to show pictures and I had to tell them to leave the Chamber.”

    Two children had made “voluntary statements” on 12 May to the Magistrate on camera regarding Hizbullah. An identification parade was to be held including Hizbullah with 10 children being summoned as witnesses to identify Hizbullah.

    Nawarathna Bandara PC, appearing with Harshana...
  • Magistrate disallows ID parade for detained lawyer
    Counsel for Hejaaz Hizbullah objects to ID parade Says children lined up to identify suspect have been shown his photograph during questioning Magistrate uploads objections, fixes 1 July for next hearing Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake yesterday disallowed the Police from presenting detained attorney Hejaaz Hizbullah for an identification parade after counsel for the suspect objected to the move. Hejaaz Hizbullah   President’s Counsel Wasantha Navaratne Bandara, who appeared for Hizbullah, said that the 10 children lined up to identify the suspect have been shown his photograph by the Police when they recorded a statement from them, and hence objected to holding the identification parade.

    CID officers who appeared in Court however...
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මාවනැල්ල බොදු බල රැස්වීමට තහනමක්


බොදු බල සේනාවෙන් බව කියමින් අද සවස හතරට මාවනැල්ලේ පවත්වන්නට ගිය රැස්වීමක් උසාවි නියෝගයකින් නැවැත්වූ බව පොලිස් මාධ්‍ය ප්‍රකාශක ජ්‍යෙෂ්ඨ පොලිස් අධිකාරී අජිත් රෝහණ මහතා කියයි.

මාවනැල්ලේ දී පවත්වන්නට යන බව කියන රැස්වීමට තම සංවිධානයේ කිසිම සම්බන්ධයක් නැතැයි බොදු බල සේනාවේ සම්බන්ධීකාරක දිලන්ත විතානගේ මහතා කියයි.

විපක්ෂ නායක රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහ මහතා පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේ දී ප්‍රශ්න කළේ මහසෙන් නම් සංවිධානයකට අද මාවනැල්ලේ දී  රැස්වීමක් පැවැත්වීමට අවසර දී ඇත්ද යන්නයි.



Aluthgama violence: 41 arrested


Forty one people have been arrested in the aftermath of the violence which prevailed at Aluthgama and Beruwala. Police said some of those arrested had violated the curfew imposed in the two troubled spots.

They said a mob had set fire to a house and a shop at Welipenna this morning and that a special investigation had been launched to arrest the miscreants.

The Special Task Force (STF) was deployed at Mathugama to bring the situation under control.

The Ministry of Defence and Urban Development said the Army was deployed at Aluthgama, Welipenna, Dharga Town, Beruwala and Maggona with the military carrying out mobile patrolling on the request of the police.(Supun Dias)



ඇදිරි නීතීය කැඩු නවයක් රිමාන්ඩ්


අලුත්ගම හා බේරුවල ඇදිරි නීතීය කඩ කළ නව දෙනෙක් කළුතර අතිරේක මහේස්ත්‍රාත් අයේෂා අබ්දීන් මහත්මිය විසින් ජුනි 25 වැනිදා තෙක් රිමාන්ඩ් කරනු ලැබුහ.



Sri Lanka riots: One killed as Buddhists target Muslims


A Sri Lankan Muslim man talks over his mobile phone as he stands among the debris of his charred house, in Aluthgama, town, 50 kilometres (31 miles) south of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Monday, June 16, 2014.Many Muslim-owned properties have been attacked and some set alight

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Renewed violence has flared in southern Sri Lanka as the number killed in violence blamed on hard-line Buddhists rose to four.

A security guard at a Muslim-owned farm near the town of Aluthgama was killed and a number of mainly Muslim shops and homes attacked despite a curfew.

Three Muslims died after an anti-Muslim rally on Sunday by the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), an extremist Buddhist group.

The outbreak of sectarian violence is Sri Lanka's worst in years.

Muslims make up 10% of the country's mainly Buddhist population.

The man killed at the farm near Aluthgama was an unarmed security guard from the country's Tamil minority, reports say.

There are also reports of attacks on Muslim businesses in two other towns in the south.

Three Muslims were shot dead amidst clashes with hard-line Buddhists, as the BBC's Charles Haviland reports




Court order against rally at Mawanella


The Police today obtained a Court Order from the Mawanella Magistrate’s Court to stop the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) organisation from holding of a rally at the Mawanella Town.

The Police Media Unit told Daily Mirror the Court Order was obtained to avert any religious or communal violence.

“If the organisers defy the Court Order, action will be taken to disperse the gathering,” the police said.

Meanwhile, the BBS claimed that it was in no way involved in organising the rally which was to be held in Mawanella last evening.  

“We were informed about this rally but we are in no way involved in organising it. We have notified the Police about this matter,” BBS member Kapila Tennakoon told Daily Mirror. (Lakna Paranamanna)

නොවිය යුතු දෑ වූ පසු


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2014 ජුනි 17 09.38 a.m

(වසන්ත තෙවරප්පෙරුම)

පසුගියදා අලුත්ගම බේරුවල සිදුවූ අවාසනාවන්ත සිදුවීම් හේතුවෙන් වැනසී ගිය දෑ බොහෝය.නොවිය යුතු දෑ සිදුවන විට ඉතිරි වන්නේ ඛේදවාචකයක් පමණි.ඡායාරූප වලින් දැක්වෙන්නේ සිදුවීම් වල ප්‍රථිපල ලෙස වැනසී තිබූ දේපලය.




Sri Lanka Muslims 'fear Buddhist extremists'


6 hours ago

Three Muslims are reported to have been killed in clashes with hard-line Buddhists in southern Sri Lanka.

For the past two years, Sinhalese Buddhist groups have been staging anti-Muslim demonstrations, but these fatalities are the worst outbreak of sectarian violence in recent years.

Charles Haviland reports from Aluthgama in western Sri Lanka.



Sri Lanka Muslims killed in Aluthgama clashes with Buddhists


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Three Muslims were shot dead amidst clashes with hard-line Buddhists, as the BBC's Charles Haviland reports

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At least three Muslims have been killed in overnight clashes with hardline Buddhists in southern Sri Lanka.

The men died of gunshot wounds near a mosque in the town of Aluthgama in what is seen as Sri Lanka's worst outbreak of sectarian violence in years.

More than 78 others have been seriously injured in the violence, justice minister Rauf Hakeem said.

A curfew is in place in Aluthgama and nearby Beruwala. Muslims make up 10% of Sri Lanka's mainly Buddhist population.

The men who were killed were shot after midnight following several hours of clashes between two factions in which stones and bottles were lobbed, reports the BBC's Charles Haviland in Aluthgama.

Mr Hakeem, a Muslim, said he was "outraged" at the police failure to keep law and order and that the authorities had allowed Buddhists to demonstrate three days after a smaller sectarian clash in the area, involving Muslim youths and a Buddhist monk's driver.

He said he was "ashamed" to be part of the government. He made his remarks as he visited areas which have been caught up in the violence.

The authorities imposed a curfew after clashes began following a rally by the BBS, the Bodu Bala Sena, or Buddhist Brigade in Aluthgama on Sunday.

Eyewitness accounts tell of Muslims being pulled off local buses and beaten. There are also reports of looting as well as shops being burned.

Aluthgama destructionMuslim shops were burned and looted in the town
Fire during Buddhist-Muslim clashes in southern Sri Lanka, 15 June 2014Clashes broke out as Buddhists marched into Muslim populated areas
Buddhist rally in southern Sri Lanka, 15 June 2014The rally by the Buddhist BBS took place when tensions were already high
'Act in restraint'

After its rally, the BBS marched into Muslim areas chanting anti-Muslim slogans, reports say, and the police used tear gas to quell the violence. Unconfirmed reports say security forces also used gunfire.

Witnesses say Muslim homes and a mosque were stoned.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has announced an investigation.

"The government will not allow anyone to take the law into their own hands. I urge all parties concerned to act in restraint," he tweeted.

Correspondents say tension has recently been high between the two sides, with Muslims calling on the government to protect them from hate attacks by Buddhists, and Buddhists accusing minorities of enjoying too much influence.

For the past couple of years, Sinhalese Buddhist revivalist groups have been staging demonstrations heavily laden with anti-Muslim rhetoric, usually led by monks, our correspondent reports.



Muslims killed in Sri Lanka mob attacks


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Sinhala Buddhist monks accused of leading attacks in coastal towns of Aluthgama and Beruwala.

Last updated: 16 Jun 2014 19:51
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At least three people have been killed and more than 80 people injured in overnight mob attacks led by Sinhala Buddhist monks in two coastal Sri Lankan towns, according to medics.

The Buddhist Force

Also known as the Bodu Bala Sena, is led by Galagoda Atthe Gnanasara, who issued threats to destroy Muslim businesses before the riots.

The group said its mission is to "save the Sinhala race", which makes up 74 percent of the population.

In 2013, the group was linked to an attack on a mosque in a Colombo suburb, where four people were injured.

The group has also launched an anti-halal campaign and protested against veils on Muslims.

Over 1,000 Sri Lankan army have been deployed on Monday in the popular resort towns of Aluthgama and Beruwala, and police extended a curfew  after Muslim properties and mosques came under attack. Violence also spread to Lathugana town.

Police said they fired tear gas and widened the curfew to Beruwala, a predominantly Muslim area, after initial violence broke out in Aluthgama, 60km south of the capital Colombo.

Both areas are popular beach resorts frequented by international tourists, but there were no reports of any foreigners caught up in the violence.

Hilmy Ahmed, the spokesman of Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, told Al Jazeera that the situation was calmer now, but there was large-scale destruction of property.

"At least nine shops and up to 40 houses have been gutted in Aluthgama, while three mosques were attacked," Ahmed said over phone from southern Sri Lanka.

The army has been brought in to control the situation, while the injured have been admitted to hospitals.

Escalating clashes

A police spokesman said trouble began on Sunday evening when members of  Bodu Bala Sena, or Buddhist Force tried to march in an area with a sizeable population of Muslims.

Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem accused his own government of failing to protect Muslims from the mob led by monks from BBBS, which has been engaged in an anti-Muslim campaign in recent years.

Hakeem urged "all relevant parties to remain calm and not to instigate further violence".

"Please let the police do their job. The attacks last night will not be tolerated and we will prosecute any and all responsible," he told Al Jazeera.

At one point elite police commandos were called upon to rescue a deputy minister, Faiser Mustapha, who was trapped inside a school along with dozens of Muslims who fled their homes fearing attacks from angry Buddhist mobs.

"Some Buddhists are deliberately targeting Muslims. But unfortunately police have not been able to protect the minorities," the Muslim Council's Ahmed earlier told Al Jazeera.

"A petty feud between two individuals has been allowed to take a religious tone. The extremist Buddhists led by BBS attacked Muslims and are still in the area despite the curfew."

President's appeal

A spokesman for Bodu Bala Sena could not immediately be reached for comment. The group said representatives would meet with reporters later on Monday to clarify its position.

Q&A with Bodu Bala Sena Spokesman

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is currently visiting Bolivia, said he would not allow "anyone to take the law into their own hands".

"An investigation will be held for ... to bring to book those responsible for incidents in Alutgama," he said on Twitter .

"I urge all parties concerned to act with restraint."

There were no reports of arrests, as people  in the riot-hit areas said Muslims were leaving their homes and seeking shelter in community centres as fears of more violence lurked.

The latest unrest came just weeks after Muslim politicians asked Rajapaksa to protect their minority community from "Buddhist extremist elements" blamed for a recent spate of hate attacks.

Nationalist Buddhist groups have in turn accused religious minorities of wielding undue political and economic influence on the island.

Additional reporting by Saif Khalid and Dinouk Colombage

Al Jazeera and agencies



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Pillay expresses alarm at Aluthgama incident


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MONDAY, 16 JUNE 2014 21:11

UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay has called on the Government of Sri Lanka to take immediate measures to curb the inter-communal violence taking place in South Western Sri Lanka while expressing her deep alarm at the incidents.

In a statement issued by Ms. Pillay a short while ago she has stated, “The Government must urgently do everything it can to arrest this violence, curb the incitement and hate speech which is driving it and protect all religious minorities.”

She has also expressed concern over the possibility of the violence that occurred in Beruwala and Aluthgama spreading to other parts of the country, if necessary steps are not taken to contain it.

“The authorities must immediately bring the perpetrators of such attacks to book and make it clear to the religious leadership on both sides, to political parties and the general public that there is no place for inflammatory rhetoric and incitement to violence,” she has stated.

Ms. Pillay has also urged for appropriate measures to be taken by the security forces to contain the situation while ensuring the situation is not worsened through any excessive use of force. (Lakna Paranamanna)



Canada condemns


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TUESDAY, 17 JUNE 2014 09:26

The Canadian government yesterday condemned the outbreak of communal violence and called on the Sri Lankan authorities to act quickly to ensure the safety of all communities.

“Canada condemns the outbreak of communal violence against Muslims, which resulted in the loss of lives and extensive damage to property in the south of Sri Lanka on June 15, 2014. We offer our condolences to the families and friends of the deceased and wish a speedy recovery to those injured, Canada stated in a statement.

“This is one of a number of recent and troubling attacks targeting the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. It is of the utmost importance that every person is able to practise his or her faith free from the threat of violence. We urge Sri Lankan authorities to act quickly to ensure the safety of all communities. These attacks are completely unacceptable and a clear violation of the right to religious freedom.”

“Canada will continue to condemn all religiously motivated attacks. We urge calm on all sides and call for a swift and transparent investigation into what happened, as well as appropriate prosecution of those responsible,” the statement added.


Mechanism to prevent further escalation of violence


MONDAY, 16 JUNE 2014 19:18

In the aftermath of the flare up in Aluthgama and nearby areas, several Buddhist and Muslim religious leaders backed by politicians agreed to set up a mechanism to prevent further escalation of violence, officials said.

Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne, in his capacity as Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs, chaired a meeting at the Kalutara District Secretariat today. The meeting was attended by Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa, Senior Minister A.H.M. Fowzie, Ministers MaitripalaSirisena, S.B. Dissanayake, Dallas Alahapperuma and Kumara Welgama, several district politicians, Police Chief N.K. Ilangakoon and other senior police officers.

Police said Sunday’s riots at Aluthgama and Dharga Town had left two people dead and 36 injured while several houses and shops were either burnt down or damaged. The injured were admitted to Nagoda General Hospital.

They said the deceased were identified as Mohamed Zahran (38) and Mohamed Shiraz (36) of Welipitiya.

A Buddhist monk, three police officers including an inspector, a sergeant and three constables, the Aluthgama Daily Mirror and Lankadeepa correspondent SarathSiriwardene were among those injured.

Minister A.H.M. Fowzie pointed out that the situation had now been brought under control and that it was the responsibility of all concerned to join hands to maintain law and order.

SLMC Parliamentarian M.S.M. Aslam and Western Provincial Councillor M.M.M. Amraz also spoke to the media. (Kelum Bandara and Sunil Thanthriarachchi)




UNP condemns Aluthgama riots


Condemning the incidents at Aluthgama and Beruwala the United National Party (UNP) said this was something that had been instigated by the ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) to get political mileage.


“The ruling party had already begun its campaign for the presidential election from Aluthgama,” UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera told a news briefing today.


He said the incidents had been triggered by a group backed by the government. “It is sad to see some people calling themselves monks instigating violence,” he said.


Referring to the UNHRC probe on alleged human rights violations, he said it was the Government that had given permission to the UNHRC in 2009 to carry out an investigation.


Mr. Samaraweera said even UPFA parliamentarian Rajiva Wijesinghe had mentioned it in one of his recent articles .(Yohan Perera)




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