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    By S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole – R. Sasilan: Assistant Commissioner of Elections Today we are opening new living quarters for our Election Commission’s man-in-charge in Batticaloa. I am so glad because R. Sasilan is a man I am proud of. He stands up for what is right without fear or favor. When a minister distributed gifts in elections some years ago, he confiscated a gift pack and filed a complaint with the police. The police, as often happens, disappeared the evidence. Sasilan sent a report to the Commission and that too disappeared....
  • Coronavirus funerals: Sri Lanka's Muslims decry forced cremation
      Image copyrightEPA Image captionSri Lankan Muslim women wait for a Covid-19 test. Some in the community are fighting cremation rules Sri Lankan authorities are insisting on cremation for coronavirus victims - a practice forbidden by Islam. The nation's minority Muslim community says they are using the pandemic to discriminate, writes BBC Sinhala's Saroj Pathirana. On 4 May, Fathima Rinoza, a 44-year-old mother of three from Sri Lanka's minority Muslim population, was admitted to hospital with a suspected case of Covid-19. Fathima, who lived in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, had been suffering from respiratory problems and the authorities feared she had caught the virus. On the day she was admitted to hospital, the family was "set upon" by the authorities, her husband Mohamed Shafeek said. "The police and military along with...
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    පාස්කු ප්‍රහාර සම්බන්ධයෙන් සැකපිට අත්අඩංගුවට ගෙන සිටින නීතිඥ හිජාස් හිස්බුල්ලා රඳවා තබාගැනීම, විශේෂ බළකායේ සැරයන් සුනිල් රත්නායකට ජනාධිපති සමාව ලබාදීම ඇතුළු කරුණු ගණනාවක් පදනම් කරගනිමින් එක්සත් රාජධානිය ඇතුළු රටවල් 5ක කණ්ඩායමක් එක්සත් ජාතීන්ගේ මානව හිමිකම් කවුන්සිලයේදී ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට චෝදනා එල්ල කර ඇතැයි ජිනීවා තානාපති...
  • මුස්ලිම් නීතිඥයාට එරෙහිව 'ත්‍රස්ත සාක්කි' ගෙතූ රහස් පොලිසියට විනිසුරු විරෝධය

      පාස්කු බෝම්බ ප්‍රහාරයට සම්බන්ධ යැයි ජනමාධ්‍ය මගින් ප්‍රචාරය කරමින් ත්‍රස්තවාදය වැළැක්වීමේ පනත යටතේ අත්අඩංගුවට ගනු ලැබු මුස්ලිම් ජාතික නීතිඥවරයකුට එරෙහිව ව්‍යාජ සාක්ෂි ගෙතීමට රහස් පොලිසිය විසින් දරණ ලද උත්සාහයක් විනිසුරුවරයකුගේ මැදිහත්වීම නිසා ව්‍යර්ථ වී තිබේ.

    නීතිඥ හිජාස් ඕමර් හිස්බුල්ලාහ් රඳවා...
  • Gnanasara Thero Once Again Inciting Sinhalese Against Muslims
    Malicious campaign pushing discriminated and frustrated Muslims to wall Few weeks ago Ven Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thero, known for inciting Sinhalese and unleashing violence against Muslims, said he would dissolve his organisation Bodu Bala Sena as it has achieved its target of setting up a Sinhala Buddhist government without minority support. Latheef Farook Following the election of the present government to power on 15 November 2019, he was rather quiet. Now that the parliamentary election is forthcoming, he has started his campaign once again pitting the Sinhalese against Muslims.There were reports that during the presidential elections in November 2019 Buddhist monks and temples were used to demonize Muslims to win Sinhala votes assuring security. As part of this campaign to win Sinhala votes, he attempted to brand as extremist, several...
  • Hejaaz: A lawyer for all seasons

    A year has passed since the deadly Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka. Victims, survivors, and the general public still await answers. Amidst these desperate demands for accountability, Hejaaz Hizbullah, a prominent Muslim lawyer, is suddenly – and most unexpectedly – arrested and detained.

    I met Hejaaz during the first-ever debating tournament I participated in. He led the team from S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, and I represented St. Joseph’s College, Colombo. Our teams made it to the finals that year. I recall Hejaaz as a fierce competitor with the rare gift for conveying an argument with charisma and conviction. He also had a great sense of humour, taking friendly banter in good spirit. The Thomians triumphed that year, and deservedly so.

    What strikes me now is...
  • Muslim writer in jail for 60 days without "explicit evidence"
    A group of activists in Sri Lanka has called upon the government for the unconditional release of a Muslim writer who has been held in detention for more than
    sixty days without “explicit evidence being produced”.

    In a letter to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim activists say that Ramzy Razeek arrested on April 09 for allegedly violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and Cyber Crimes Legislation has also been denied medical treatment and legal access in detention.

    “Despite orders from the Magistrate to allow him access to medicine, reliable sources state that his health condition is deteriorating due to lack of access to specific medicines of which he is in dire need. A lawyer attempting to visit Razeek this week, was also denied...
  • அடையாள அணிவகுப்புக்கு முன் ஹிஜாஸின் அடையாளத்தைக் காட்ட சிஐடியினர் முயற்சித்தார்கள்
    இரு சிறுவர்களிடமிருந்தும் வாக்குமூலம் பெறுவதற்கு முன்னர் சிஐடியினர் தனது அறையில் வைத்து ஹிஜாஸ் ஹிஸ்புல்லாஹ்வின் புகைப்படத்தை அவர்களுக்குக் காண்பிப்பதற்கு முயற்சித்தார்கள் என கோட்டை நீதவான் ரங்க திசாநாயக்க தெரிவித்துள்ளார்.

    புத்தளம் மத்ரஸாவொன்றின் மாணவர்களுக்கு தீவிரவாதத்தைப் போதித்தார் என சிஐடியினர்...
  • CID attempted to show photograph of Hejaaz to children before ID parade: Fort Magistrate
    Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayaka said in open court that officers of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had attempted to show photographs of Hejaaz Hizbullah at his chambers prior to the recording of statements from two children.

    When the matter was taken up before Dissanayake on 24 June, he told Hizbullah’s lawyers that prior to the recording of the statements from the two children, this attempt had been made: “I want to reveal this. The CID officers tried to show pictures and I had to tell them to leave the Chamber.”

    Two children had made “voluntary statements” on 12 May to the Magistrate on camera regarding Hizbullah. An identification parade was to be held including Hizbullah with 10 children being summoned as witnesses to identify Hizbullah.

    Nawarathna Bandara PC, appearing with Harshana...
  • Magistrate disallows ID parade for detained lawyer
    Counsel for Hejaaz Hizbullah objects to ID parade Says children lined up to identify suspect have been shown his photograph during questioning Magistrate uploads objections, fixes 1 July for next hearing Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake yesterday disallowed the Police from presenting detained attorney Hejaaz Hizbullah for an identification parade after counsel for the suspect objected to the move. Hejaaz Hizbullah   President’s Counsel Wasantha Navaratne Bandara, who appeared for Hizbullah, said that the 10 children lined up to identify the suspect have been shown his photograph by the Police when they recorded a statement from them, and hence objected to holding the identification parade.

    CID officers who appeared in Court however...
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Rulings for Fasting the Day of ‘Aashooraa (10th Muharram)


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1 – On the authority of Ash‘ath ibn Qays[1], may Allah be pleased with him, he saw ‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ood[2] eating on the day of ‘Aashooraa, so he (Ash’ath) said to him, “Oh Abu ‘Abdur-Rahman, indeed today is ‘Aashooraa.” So he (‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ood) said, “This day (‘Aashooraa) people used to fast[3], and that was before the legislation of Ramadhaan.  However, once fasting the month of Ramadhaan became obligatory; fasting the day of Aashooraa was abandoned[4].  So, if you were eating (i.e. not fasting), continue to eat.”[Muslim#1127]

2 – On the authority of ‘Aaishah[5], may Allah be pleased with her, “The Quraysh (polytheist) would fast the day of ‘Aashooraa before Islam.  The Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him, would also fast ‘Aashooraa.  Once he, prayers and peace be upon him, arrived in al-Madeenah, he, prayers and peace be upon him, fasted ‘Aashooraa and commanded his companions to do the same.  However, once Ramadhaan became obligatory he, prayers and peace be upon him, said, ‘Whoever wants to fast (‘Aashooraa) then fast, and whoever doesn’t (want to fast ‘Aashooraa) then leave it off.’” [Muslim # 1125]

3 – On the authority of Ibn ‘Abbaas[6] , may Allah be pleased with him, “The Messenger of Allah,  prayers and peace be upon him, would fast on ‘Aashooraa, so the Companions said, ‘Oh Messenger of Allah, indeed ‘Aashooraa is a day the Jews and the Christians revere.’  So he, may prayers and peace be upon him, said, ‘Then next year we’ll fast the day before (9th of Muharram) if Allah wills’.  However, the following year, the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him, passed away.” [Muslim #1134]

4 – On the authority of Abu Qataadah[7], may Allah be pleased with him, “The Messenger of Allah, may prayers and peace be upon him, was asked about fasting on the Day of ‘Aashooraa. So he, prayers and peace be upon him said, ‘it expiates (the sins from) the previous year’” [Muslim #1162]

5 – On the authority of Ibn ‘Abbaas, may Allah be pleased with him, “The Messenger of Allah, may prayers and peace be upon him said, ‘Fast ‘Aashooraa and be different from the Jews in doing so.  Fast a day before (‘Aashooraa) or a day after (‘Aashooraa), and in another narration ‘Fast the day before (‘Aashooraa) and the day after (‘Aashooraa).’” [Al-Bayhaqi][8] Scholars differ on the authenticity (see footnotes)


Points of Benefit from these Narrations:[9]


●      During the early periods of Islam, fasting on the day of ‘Aashooraa was obligatory.  (refer to hadeeth #1)

●      The hadeeth of Ash’ath ibn Qays nullifies the obligation of fasting ‘Aashooraa.  (refer to  hadeeth #1)

●      The narrations of Ash’ath bin Qays and ‘Aaishah confirm that fasting ‘Aashooraa is highly recommended.  (refer to hadeeths #1 and #2)

●      The narration of Ibn ‘Abbaas shows how the Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, used to order the companions to be different from the people of the book. (refer to hadeeth#5)

In another narration the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him, asked the Jews about ‘Aashooraa. They said this day was the day that Allah saved Moosaa and his people from Pharaoh and his army by drowning them (i.e. Pharaoh and his army)   in the sea.  The Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him, replied by saying, “I have more right to Moosaa than you (Jews).”  So he, prayers and peace be upon him, fasted (‘Aashooraa) and commanded the companions to fast.  (refer to hadeeth#3)

Why did the messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him, say that he has more of a right to Moosaa than the Jews?

Shaykh Uthaymeen, may Allah have mercy on him, mentioned that, “Because the Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, and the people with him have more of a right to the Prophets than others.” This is due to the statement of Allah, The Most High, {Verily, among mankind who has the best claim to Ibrahim are those who follow him and this Prophet (Muhammad) and those who have believed.  And Allah is the Wali (protector) of the believers} Al-Imran: 68.

●      Fasting is a way of showing thanks to Allah for his enormous amount of blessings that he has bestowed upon his slaves. (refer to  hadeeths #3 and #5)

The scholars mention four positions on fasting ‘Aashooraa:

Fast the 9th and the 10th (refer to hadeeth #3)

Fast the 10th only. (refer to hadeeths #2, and #3)

Fast the 10th and the 11th (refer to hadeeth #5)

Fast the 9th, 10th and 11th (refer to hadeeth #5)

Shaykh Saalih al-Luhaydaan[10], may Allah protect him, was asked about ‘Aashooraa and the narration about fasting three days.  He said that a person should fast the 9th, 10th and 11th due to the narrations that were mentioned, in which, he said were authentic (please review the note above in hadeeth #5).  However, he contended that they were optional not obligatory. (refer to  hadeeth #5)

Shaykh ‘Abdul-Majeed as-Subayyal[11], may Allah protect him, was asked about the same issue mentioned previously.  He said it’s difficult to say that those narrations (i.e. to fast three days) are weak especially when you have major scholars (ash-Shawkaanee, Ibn Baaz, Shaykh Saalih Luhaydaan etc.) saying that you can use them (see hadeeth #5). Next, he mentioned that this is an issue with some room for interpretation.  Don’t be hard on the people.  He also mentioned that whoever fasts the 9th and the 10th this is good, or the 10th and the 11th which is also good, and whoever fast three days for precautionary reasons then that too is o.k., insha-Allah.

The Permanent Committee of Major Scholars in Saudi Arabia[12] stated as it relates to this issue “Fasting the tenth day of Muharaam, is a highly recommended sunnah. It’s better to fast the day before it (the ninth) or after it (the eleventh) as the messenger of Allah, prayers and blessings be upon him, alluded to by saying, ‘be different from the Jews’. So, if a person fasts all three days, this is more complete (i.e. for precautionary reasons).  Ibn al-Qayyum, may Allah have mercy on him, mentions this in his Zaad Al Ma’aad.” Vol. 9.

●      Lastly, fasting ‘Aashooraa will expiate your sins from the previous year. (refer to hadeeth #4)

Test your knowledge:

1. Is it recommended to fast ‘Aashooraa? What is your proof?

2. Why do the Jews fast ‘Aashooraa? What is your proof?

3. Did all of the companions fast ‘Aashooraa? What is your proof?

4. Why should I fast ‘Aashooraa? Provide your reasoning?

5. Can I fast more than just the 10th of Muharram? What is your proof?

Compilers notes: If we as Muslims do what Allah, The Most High, and His Messenger have commanded us to do (obligatory and recommended), then Allah will be pleased with us and grant us a lofty reward.  On the contrary, if we do what Allah, The Most High, and His Messenger have prohibited us from doing, Allah will be displeased with us and we could face a tormenting punishment (We seek refuge in Allah from that).  Now ask yourself, who wouldn’t want to make the Creator of everything  you love, the One worthy of all praise, and the Owner of the heavens and the earths, pleased with them?

Imagine Allah being pleased with you and furthermore wiping away a year’s worth of sins if you fast a recommended fast!  Who wouldn’t benefit from that? And if that’s for doing something recommended then what about something obligatory?  Oh Allah, make us from those whom you are pleased with and not from those who have earned your anger.  Ameen!

In the year 2013, the 9th, 10th and 11th of Muharram 1435 corresponds with the 13th, 14th, and 15th of November and Allah knows best.


Al-Thamaraat Admin. (Ali Davis and Abu Saajid Syid Turcks)

Umm Al-Quraa University

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