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    Many people are under the misconception that an increase in wealth will lead to an increase in happiness. However, this could not be further from the truth, as depression affects people across all income-brackets and from all walks of life. The severity of depression can perhaps be gauged by the fact that according to statistics, in South Africa alone, there are approximately twenty-three known suicides a day! Islam has given us a simple, free prescription that has no unwanted side effects and is incomparable in combating depression. In this regard, Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) taught us that we should always look at those who are less fortunate than ourselves (Saheeh Muslim #7428). In doing so, we will realize how many bounties we enjoy for which we should be thankful and how fortunate we really are. Hence, we...
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    A well know Arabic saying advises, “Don’t talk about a person. Ask about his companions.” This simply means that if you want to enquire about a person — about his character, what are his habits, is he responsible, etc., then do not enquire specifically about him. Instead enquire about the company he keeps. If he keeps good company, insha-Allah he will be likewise a good and upright person. On the contrary if he remains in the company of people accustomed to sin and vice or people of low character and morals, he will generally be judged accordingly. Musk Seller Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) has emphasized upon us to always maintain good company. He is reported to have said: “A person follows the way of his friend, therefore beware of who you befriend!” (Sunan Abi Dawood #4833) In another hadeeth a good friend...
  • In the year 2119…
    In the year 2119, in just 100 years from now, every single reader of this piece will be underground, our bodies having become part of the soil. During that time, our fate with respect to paradise or hell would have been made known to us.   Meanwhile above the soil, our houses that were left behind would have become homes for others, our clothes would have become garments for others, our cars will be driven by others, and as for us, we will be – for the most part – never thought about by anyone again. How often do you think about your great grandfather? How often does your great grandmother cross your mind?   Our presence here on earth today, that presence that we make so much noise about and shed so many tears for, was preceded by countless generations before us and shall be followed by countless generations after us....
  • MR to resign tomorrow - Namal
    Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was recently appointed as the Prime Minister by President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to resign from the premiership tomorrow after a special statement, MP Namal Rajapaksa tweeted a short while ago. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
  • SC leaves grant to proceed with Mahinda’s appeal
    The Supreme Court has decided to take up the appeal of Mahinda Rajapaksa against the interim order of the Court of Appeal on the premiership on the 16th, 17th and 18th of January 2019. However, the request of the petitioners for a stay order on the interim order restraining Mahinda Rajapaksa from holding office of Prime Minister and his Cabinet from functioning has been unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has also ordered the Appeal Court not to hear the petition against Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Cabinet holding office, until the Supreme Court hearing is over. The Court informed the parties that if they wish the petition to be heard before a five-member judge bench, they should refer the request to the Chief Justice. Justice Eva Wanasundera, who was a part of the three-judge panel which considered the appeal...
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Muslim Organizations Burying their differences to Establish a Shoora Council

By Latheef Farook

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by Latheef Farook

For the first time almost all Muslim religious, social and cultural organisations and groups, buried their differences, and met in one platform under one roof at Wellawatta Miami Reception Hall on Thursday 2 May 2013 to announce the formation of an Interim Consultative (Shoora) Council-ICC.

The main purpose of ICC is to meet the emerging challenges and deal with burning issues facing the community besides seeking to play a role in nation building.

The need for such a body has been felt for sometimes in view of the continuous moral decadence of Muslim politicians who had become community’s shameful liability. Even the others failed to rise up to the occasion to protect the interest of the community.


It was also reminded that such efforts were made in the past ,but failure. Today the community is paying the cost of this failure to unite. Under such circumstance, when the community was left in lurch, the need for a genuine group of people to take over the task of guiding the community was felt badly by the community. This was especially so in the context of fierce anti Muslim campaign unleashed by a small number of ethno-religious fascists aimed at pitting the mainstream Sinhalese against peaceful Muslim community.

The result was the formation of an Interim Consultative Council,ICC, aimed at rescuing the community.

In the short term the ICC will seek to deal with challenges faced by the community whose very existence is threatened due to the abrupt rise of anti Muslim forces with their sinister agendas against the Muslim community.They are backed by local and powerful and resourceful foreign forces.

The organizers explained the purpose,shape and all other relevant details of the ICC which would pave the way for the final consultative council. These details were put forward to the participants for their comments which will be discussed at an open forum early next month.


Some of the main organisations attended the gathering include All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulema, ACJU, Tabligh Jamaath ,Thowheed Jamaath, Jamiathe Islami and Thareekas besides professionals, intellectuals,businessmen and others.


In his inaugral speech Yusuf Mufthi of ACJU explained the great importance attached to consultation in Islam in arriving at any decision .


It was also addressed by General Secretray of ACJU Shaikh M,.M.M.Mubarak,Sharia Council President Moulavi Hasbulla,Shaikh Mufti Yusuf Haniffa,Professor M Siddeeq of Peradeniya University.Moulavi A.L.M. Ibrahim, former Ameer of Jamaathe Islami, Ustad M.A.M.Mansoor,Professor A.L.H.M Ibrahim, former Sri Lanka Ambassador to Iran M.M.Zuhair, former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Javid Yusuf,Shaikh I.L.M.Hashim,Shaikh Ismail Salafi,Moulavi A.L.M.Hashim and Mansoor Dahlan.


They all supported the move in one voice as timely .There was consensus that the establishment of such a shoora council may take time and thus they welcomed the decision to set up an interim consultative council as a prelude to the formation of a permanent Shoorra Council.


Dr Musthafa Abrar,Chairman of Colombo based Abrar Institute, explained the issues, around 132, faced by the community to be tackled.Thus the task ahead is gigantic.However,as the age old Chinese adage says that ” one thousand mile journey begins with a step” the need to start somewhere to achieve the target was highlighted.

Tracing the circumstances which led to the formation of the ICC it was pointed out that it all happened when some dedicated young Muslims from all walks of life belonging to diverse professions and committed to the welfare of the community met around early last January to discuss what could be done to save the helpless community.

They met at a time when the racist elements were building up hatred towards the community and destroying communal harmony in the country.

Since then they held meeting after meeting .Following lengthy stormy sessions they prepared a list of names of people who could fit into this agenda.They screened and selected each and everyone and finally ended up selecting around 200 people, from different fields, who could play a significant role in achieving the ICC’s goal.

Such careful screening was essential, because as Jamaathe Islami former chief Moulavi Ibrahim rightly said” there are Bodu Sala Senas within our own community. Thus the need to bring together sincere and like minded people who would place the interest of the community above their own interests.

They didn't rush after finalizing the list.They formed into different teams and met individuals, groups ,associations and personally explained the concept .The overall response has been spontaneous welcome. Encouraged by the response and equipped with all relevant details they formed an Interim Committee for National Shoora Initiative.

The Interim Committee absorbed ideas from eight different models and prepared a provisional concept which could be adjusted to suit the need of the time within the framework of Islamic teachings. In doing so it was decided that the NSC will not dirercty discuss or decide on any matter relating to Shareeah,not overshadow or pose a threat to the existing organisations in any manner and the voluntary interim committee consisting of persons of diverse backgrounds will not opt to be members of the Shoora.

The characteristics of the proposed NSC will be inclusive and participatory, widely represented, consultative, united and coordinated, independent, recognized and accepted, accommodative, assertive, authoritative and able to make decisions binding all.

Some of the qualifications to be members of the NSC include the need to abide by Islamic principles,genuinely committed to the development of the community, will to dedicate time and energy,president/chairman or an authorized member of an organisation who has a say in it,locally or internationally recognized person in relevant fields,patriotic and supportive of national development and be apolitical.

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