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  • MR to resign tomorrow - Namal
    Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was recently appointed as the Prime Minister by President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to resign from the premiership tomorrow after a special statement, MP Namal Rajapaksa tweeted a short while ago. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
  • SC leaves grant to proceed with Mahinda’s appeal
    The Supreme Court has decided to take up the appeal of Mahinda Rajapaksa against the interim order of the Court of Appeal on the premiership on the 16th, 17th and 18th of January 2019. However, the request of the petitioners for a stay order on the interim order restraining Mahinda Rajapaksa from holding office of Prime Minister and his Cabinet from functioning has been unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has also ordered the Appeal Court not to hear the petition against Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Cabinet holding office, until the Supreme Court hearing is over. The Court informed the parties that if they wish the petition to be heard before a five-member judge bench, they should refer the request to the Chief Justice. Justice Eva Wanasundera, who was a part of the three-judge panel which considered the appeal...
  • මහින්ද හෙට ඉල්ලා අස්වන බව නාමල් කියයි
    මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මහතා හෙට (15) විශේෂ ප්‍රකාශයක් සිදුකර අග්‍රමාත්‍ය ධුරයෙන් ඉල්ලා අස්වන බව නාමල් රාජපක්ෂ මහතා සිය නිල ට්විටර් ගිණුමේ පණිවිඩයක් සටහන් කරමින් කියයි. ජාතියේ ස්ථාවරත්වය සළකා මෙම තීරණය ගන්නා බව ද එහි සඳහන් වේ. එම ට්විටර් පණිවිඩය පහත දැක්වේ. Please...
  • ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ දේශපාලන අර්බුදය: මහින්ද "සෙනසුරාදා ඉල්ලා අස්වෙයි"
      Image copyrightPMD ඔක්තෝබර් 26 වන දින ජනාධිපතිවරයා විසින් පත් කළ අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ සෙනසුරාදා (දෙසැම්බර් 15) තනතුරෙන් ඉල්ලා අස්වන බව නාමල් රාජපක්ෂ මන්ත්‍රීවරයා පවසයි. දින 50 ක පමණ කාලයක් පුරා දිව ගිය ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ දේශපාලන අර්බුදය නිර්මාණය වූයේ ජනාධිපතිවරයා විසින් මහින්ද රාපක්ෂ අගමැති ධූරයට පත් කිරීමත් සමගය. මේ අතර, ජනාධිපතිවරයා...
  • 18-hour water cut in Rajagiriya and surrounding areas
    Water supply to Rajagiriya and surrounding areas will be disrupted for 18-hours commencing from tomorrow 12 a.m. and until Sunday 6 p.m., the following day, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board said.
    Accordingly, water supply to Moragasmulla, Rajagiriya, Athulkotte, Obeysekarapura, Bandaranayakepura, Nawala, Koswatte, and Rajagiriya to Open University of Sri Lanka Nawala, and surrounding areas. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
  • SC refuses to vacate CA’s interim order against MR
      The Appeal was also granted special leave to proceed. The proceedings of the Court of Appeal with regard to the case were stayed until the Supreme Court hearing is concluded. The appeal is to be taken up for further hearing on January 16, 17 and 18, 2019. (Shehan Chamika Silva) Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
  • මහින්දට එරෙහි අභියාචනාධිකරණයේ අතුරු තහනම දිගටම
    අගමැති ධුරයේ කටයුතු කිරීම අත්හිටුවමින් අභියාචනාධිකරණය ලබා දුන් අතුරු තහනම් නියෝගයට එරෙහිව මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මහතා ගොනු කළ අභියාචනා පෙත්සම විභාගයට ගැනීමට ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨාධිකරණ තීන්දු කළේය. අභියාචනාධිකරණය ලබා දුන් අතුරු තහනම් නියෝගය අවලංගු කරන ලෙස කළ ඉල්ලීම ප්‍රතික්ෂේප කළ ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨාධිකරණය මෙම පෙත්සම විභාගයට ගැනීම සඳහා දින නියම...
  • තීන්දුව කුමක්ද? - ජනපතිගේ තීරණය වැරදියි ආණ්ඩුව දිගටම
    5.04pm Update
    රටේම අවධානය යොමුවූ අධිකරණ තීන්දුව මීට ටික වේලාවකට පෙර ලබාදුන් අතර එයට අනුව ජනපතිගේ තීරණය වැරදි බවත් ව්‍යාවස්ථාව අනුව පාර්ලිමේන්තුව විසිරවීමට...
  • SC rules dissolution of parliament illegal
    The Supreme Court today ruled that President Maithripala Sirisena's decision to dissolve Parliament was unconstitutional and illegal. Chief Justice Nalin Perera delivering the verdict said that if President wants to dissolve Parliament before four and half years, there must be a resolution passed by two-thirds majority in Parliament. The verdict was announced unanimously. Court also decided that the petitioners fundamental right, under article 12(1) has been violated by this executive act. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
  • ජනපතිගේ ගැසට්ටුව අධිකරණයෙන් අවලංගු කරයි
    පාර්ලිමේන්තුව විසිරුවා හැර මහ මැතිවරණයක් කැඳවමින් ජනාධිපතිවරයා 2018 නොවැම්බර් මස 09 වැනි සිකුරාදා නිකුත් කළ අංක 2096/70 දරණ අති විශේෂ ගැසට් නිවේදනය අහෝසි කරන ලෙස ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨාධිකරණය අද (13) නියෝග කළේය.

    ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨාධිකරණය එම නියෝගය කළේ පාර්ලිමේන්තුවට විසිරුවා හැරීමට එරෙහිව ගොනු කළ මූලික අයිතිවාසිකම් පෙත්සම්හි තීන්දුව ප්‍රකාශයට පත්...
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ACJU Appeal to Muslims of Sri Lanka


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In an important statement issued to the public by All Ceylon Jammyyathul Ulma (ACJU) on the prevailing situation in country after the Dambulla Mosque incident, they appeal to all Muslims of Sri Lanka to maintain peace and calm without disupting law and order by holding improper demonstrations causing inconvenience to public and damaing public property. ACJU reminds Muslims of Sri Lanka that they should not forget the fact that the majority of the Buddhist poepl are peace loving, rational and fair minded; and they do not approve such acts.

ACJU futher reiterates that according to Islam the best weapon for Muslims in such situations is Supplication, thus request Muslims to pray and observe fast and make Dua to seek His assistance.

The official appeal reads as follows:


An appeal to the Muslims!
A request from the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama

Muslims of this country are deeply worried over the recent incident took place in Dambulla in which a gang stormed the Jumma Mosque of Dambulla and damaged the place on 20 April, Friday. Muslims along with peace loving citizens of Sri Lanka are fretful if this incident would negatively impact the reconciliation that has started to sprout among communities since recently.

In the meantime, some insist that sturdy actions should be taken to display the denouncement of the Lankan Muslim community for this unholy act. However, we would like to remind them that there is a set of actions that should be followed by the believers during such times of distress.

Islam says supplication is the best weapon for a believer. Therefore, we request that we Muslims should pray to Allah for His assistance while repenting for our sins and seek His help by spiritual proceedings such as fasting. Also, the ACJU believes that justice should be sought by legal means as well.

Other than that, Muslims should refrain from disrupting law and order by holding improper demonstrations causing inconvenience to the public and damaging public property. Moreover, we should not forget the fact that majority of the Buddhist people are peace loving, rational and fair minded people and that they do not approve such acts and therefore we should be attentive of not hurting their feelings by taking offensive course of actions such as slamming other faiths which is not fitting for true believers. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an not to slander what other people worship beside Allah.

Therefore, the ACJU requests the Muslims of this country to always abide by the teachings of Islam. In the meantime, ACJU does not organize public protests or Harthals as a principle. However, ACJU would like to advise those who consider such actions to conduct them peacefully and within the perimeters of law of the country while specifically mindful of the consequences for defiance.

Also, we call upon Muslims of this country to collectively hold a fast on Thursday, 26 April and on the following day males to gather outside the mosques in their respective areas soon after the Jumma prayer and pray to Allah to show the straight path those responsible for the wrongdoings and also protect those who are in just and upright.

Ash Sheikh M. M. A. Mubarak

General Secretary

All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama

அஸ்ஸலாமு அலைக்கும் வரஹ்மத்துல்லாஹி
அகில இலங்கை ஜம்இய்யத்துல் உலமா விடுக்கும் முக்கிய வேண்டுகோள்!

கடந்த வாரம் தம்புள்ளையில் நடந்து முடிந்த பள்ளிவாசல் தாக்குதலையடுத்து நாடெங்கிலுமுள்ள முஸ்லிம்கள் மிகுந்த கவலையிலும் இதுவரை காலமாக நிலவி வருகின்ற சமூக ஒற்றுமை சீர்குழைந்து விடுமோ என்ற அச்சத்திலும் இருந்து வருகின்றனர். சிலர் மேற்படி விடயத்தை கண்டிக்கவும் எதிர்ப்பு நடவடிக்கைகள் மேற்கொள்ள வேண்டுமென்று தூண்டிக்கொண்டும் இருக்கின்றனர். இந்நிலையில் இஸ்லாம் காட்டிய வழிமுறையொன்று இருக்கிறது என்பதை அகில இலங்கை ஜம்இய்யத்துல் உலமா நினைவூட்ட விரும்புகிறது.

பிரார்த்தனையே ஒரு முஸ்லிமின் ஆயுதம் என்ற அடிப்படையில் துஆக்கள், தௌபா, இஸ்திஃபார், சுன்னத்தான நோன்புகள் ஆகியவற்றை கடைப்பிடிக்குமாறு வேண்டிக் கொள்ளும் அதேநேரம் சட்டரீதியாகவும் ஒழுங்காகவும் உரிய நடவடிக்கைகள் மேற்கொள்ளப்படவேண்டும் என்பதில் உறுதியாக நிற்கிறது.

கண்டனங்களை உரிய இடங்களுக்கு எத்தச் செய்ய வேண்டும் என்பதில் குறியாக இருக்கும் ஒவ்வொருவரும் பொதுச் சொத்துக்களை சேதப்படுத்துவதோ, சாலைமறியல்களில் ஈடுபடுவதோ, வீதிப்போக்குவரத்துக்கு குந்தகம் விளைவிப்பதோ கூடாது. அதேநேரம் ஒட்டுமொத்தமாக எம்மோடு இணங்கி நடக்கும் பௌத்த சகோதரர்களது மனம் புண்படுமாறு நடந்துகொள்ளவும் கூடாது. அவ்வாறே எமது பள்ளிவாசலைத் தாக்கினார்கள் என்பதற்காக மதங்களைத் தூற்றுவதை தவிர்ப்பதுடன், நடுநிலைமையானவர்களோடு நன்முறையில் நடந்து அவர்களது உள்ளத்தையும் நாம் வென்றிட வேண்டும். இது ‘நம்பிக்கையாளர்களே! அல்லாஹ் அல்லாத எவற்றை அவர்கள் இறைவன் என அழைக்கிறார்களோ அவற்றை நீங்கள் திட்டாதீர்கள்” என்ற அல்குர்ஆனின் அறிவுரையாகும்.

ஒரு சிலர் பள்ளிவாசல் விடயத்தில் காட்டுமிராண்டித்தனமாக நடந்து கொண்டார்கள் என்பதற்காக முஸ்லிம்களாகிய நாம் அவ்வாறு நடந்துகொள்ள முடியாது. எமக்கென இஸ்லாம் கூறியுள்ள வரையறைகளைப் பேணி நடந்து கொள்ளவே சகல முஸ்லிம்களையும் அகில இலங்கை ஜம்இய்யத்துல் உலமா அழைக்கும் அதேவேளை, ஜம்இய்யத்துல் உலமா ஹர்த்தாலுக்கு அழைப்பு விடுக்காத போதிலும் ஹர்த்தாலில் ஈடுபடவிரும்புவோர் இஸ்லாமிய ஒழுங்குகளைப் பேணி நடக்கவேண்டுமெனவும் வரம்புமீறும் போது ஏற்படும் விபரீதங்களையிட்டும் எச்சரிக்கையாக இருக்குமாறும் கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறது.

எதிர்வரும் வியாழக்கிழமையன்று (26) நோன்பு நோற்று வெள்ளிக்கிழமை ஜுமுஆவுக்கு சமுகந்தரும் யாவரும் பள்ளிவாசல் முற்றவெளியில் ஒன்றுதிரண்டு குறித்த செயலில் ஈடுபட்டோருக்கு உரியதை வழங்கவேண்டும் எனவும் நேர்வழி நாடி நிற்போருக்கு அதனை அல்லாஹ் வழங்கவேண்டுமெனவும் அல்லாஹ்விடம் பிரார்த்திக்குமாறு அனைவரையும் வேண்டிக்கொள்கிறது.

அஷ்-ஷைக் எம்.எம்.ஏ. முபாரக்

பொதுச் செயலாளர்

அகில இலங்கை ஜம்இய்யத்துல் உலமா

සමස්ත ලංකා ජමියතුල් උලමා (මුස්ලිම් ආගමික නායකයන්ගේ සංවිධානය)
විසින් නිකුත් කරනු ලබන වැදගත් නිවේදනයයි.

පසුගිය සතියේ දඹුල්ල නගරයේ සිදුවූ , දෙවස්තානයට පහර දීමේ සිද්දියෙන් පසුව ශ්‍රී ලංකාව පුරා පැතිර ජීවත්වන මුස්ලිම් බැතිමතුන්

ඉතා කනගාටුවට පත්වී සිටින අතර මෙතෙක් කල් පැවැති සමාජයීය සහජීවනය බිද වැටෙදෝ යන සැකයකින්ද පසුවෙති.

ඒ අතරම සමහරුන්, මෙම සිද්ධියට විරුධත්වය පැයුතු අතර, ඒ සදහා කටයුතු කල යුතුය් කියාද ජනයා අවුස්සාලන්නට වෙර දරති.

මෙවන් අවස්ටාවලදී කටයුතු කලයුතු අයුරු පිලිබඳ , ඉස්ලාම් ධර්මය විසින් නිර්දෙෂකොට පෙන්වාදී ඇති මාර්ගයන් ඇති බව ජනයාට අවධාරණය කිරීමට සමස්ත ලංකා ජමියතුල් උලමා සංවිදානය කැපවී සිටී.

අවශ්‍ය නීතිමය පියවරයන් ඇතිනම් ඒවා ගතයුතුය් යන දැඩි ස්ථාවරයේ මෙම සංවිදානය සිටින අතර, මුස්ලිමුන්ගේ ආයුධයන්වන, ප්‍රාර්ථනාවන්, උපවාසය, පාපයන්ට සමාව අයැද සිටීම, දේව යාඥාවන් යනාදී ධර්මිෂ්ඨ ක්‍රියාවල යෙදෙන ලෙසත් මුස්ලිම් ජනයාගෙන් ඉල්ලා සිටී.

තම විරුධත්වය නිසි තැන්වලට දැනෙන්න සැලැස්විය යුතු සිතා කටයුතු කරන්න වෙර දරන සැම කෙනෙක්ම , මාර්ග අවහිර කිරීම, හර්තාල් කිරීම, පොදු දේපල වලට හානි කිරීම යනාදී කටයුතු කිසිසේත්ම නොකළ යුතු වග දන්වා සිටිමු! එමෙන්ම, අප සමග චිරාත් කාලයක් සහෝදරයන් ලෙස ජීවත් වන බොදු ජයයාගේ සිත් තැවුලට ලක්වන අයුරින් කිසිසෙත්ම ක්‍රියා කිරීමෙන්ද වැළකී සිටින ලෙස අනුශාෂනා කරමු. අපගේ දේවස්ථානයට පහර දීම කාරනාකොටගෙන , අන්‍ය ආගම්වලට දොස් පැවරීමෙන් වැළකී සිටියයුතු අතර , මධ්‍යම පතිපදාව රකිමින් අප සමග සහජීවනයෙන් ජීවත් වන සහෝදර ජනයාගේ සිත් දිනා ගැනීමද අපගේ යුතුකමක් වන්නේය යන්න අවධාරණය කරමු .

මෙය වූ කලී " විශ්වාස වන්තයනී අල්ලාහ් නොවන වෙන යම් දෙයකට ඔවුන් දෙවියන් යැය් පවසත්ද , ඔවුනගේ විශ්වාසයට බදුන්වූ දේවලට කිසිවිටෙකත් අපහාස නොකරන්න" යන ශුද්දවූ කුරානයේ උපදේශය ද වන බැවිනි .

මෙම දේවස්ථානය පිලිබඳ සිද්ධියේදී සමහරුන් කනගාටුදායක අයුරින් කටයුතු කලද, මුස්ලිමුන් ලෙස අපට එසේ කල නොහැක. එමෙන්ම ඉස්ලාමීය උපදේශයන් සැලකිල්ලට ගනිමින් එම යහධර්ම අනුගමනය කරමින් කටයුතු කරන ලෙස සමස්ත ලංකා ජමියතුල් උලමා සංවිදානය ආයචාත්මකව සැමට උපදෙස් දෙය්.

කිසිම හර්තාලයකට ජමියතුල් උලමා සංවිදානය කිසිවකුටත් ආරාධනා නොකරන අතර , එලෙස හර්තාල් කොට තම විරෝධතාව ප්‍රකාශ කරන්නට සැරසෙන අයවලුන්ට, දැඩිලෙස ඉස්ලාමීය උපදේශයන් අනුගමනය කරන ලෙසත් , සීමාව ඉක්මවා යන අවස්ථා තුලින් උද්ගතවිය හැකි අමිහිරි අත්දැකීම් පිලිබදවත් සැලිකිලිමත් වනලෙස අවවාද කරනු කැමැත්තෙමු.

එළඹෙන 26 වන බ්‍රහස්පහින්දා දින උපවාස කොට, සිකුරාදා ජුම්මා සලාතයෙන් පසු තම තමන්ගේ දෙවස්ඨාන අභියස(මිදුලේ) රැස්වී සිදුවූ සිද්දීන් වලදී සාධාරණය ඉටුකර දෙන ලෙස අල්ලාහ් දේවියගෙන් ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරන ලෙස අනුශාෂනා කොට සමගින් ඉල්ලා සිටිමු .


එම.එම. ඒ . මුබාරක්

මහ ලේකම්,

සමස්ත ලංකා ජමියතුල් උලමා සංවිධානය







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